Friday, February 11, 2011

Breakfast Guests

    Finally a day with nothing planned for the morning. I got up and sleepily looked outside at about 7:30am to see if the gate was still locked -- I usually open the gate just before 8:00am. I turned away from the window to go make some coffee and eat breakfast. Something was wrong. As my brain percolated, I realized something did not look right as I had peered out. I went back to the window. Outside the gate was a truck with a container waiting to be loaded! We had a container scheduled for Friday morning -- it was Thursday.
    "Well, I have 30 minutes," I thought. We usually don't accept containers before 8:00am or after 7:00pm. But just as I was thinking this, I saw Martin running to open the gate. Much to my surprise, the container was a 40 footer. We did not have our customer packing list ready, and were not yet prepared to load a container. Normally a company is allowed two hours to load a container without extra charges. Two hours later, with Martin's help, 44,000 lbs. of rock was loaded, and I looked desperately for a cup of coffee.

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