Monday, January 31, 2011


Polyhedroids were discovered in Bahia, Brazil. in the early 70's. They were first mined for an Australian company called Soklich Trading Company. The first agates ever to enter the United States were imported from Soklich in Australia by The Gem Shop, Inc. in 1974.  Before anyone in the U.S. even saw a Polyhedroid, they literally traveled around the world: Brazil to Australia to the U.S.

           Veronica, my daughter, manages the Tucson Showplace and persuaded Martin Soklich to tenancy at the Showplace, not knowing that I had done business with Martin's father over 30 years ago. Last year she offhandedly asked Martin if he had any Polyhedroids. He showed up this year with about 200 lbs. of small perfectly shaped, exquisite, rough Polyhedroids. It's amazing how history tends to repeat itself.

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  1. Like these and don't have any. Hope there's a few left for Patti Polk to grab for me next week. She said she always visits you. I'm in Queensland battling floods and monster hurricanes. Not fun! Dearly wish I was over there freezing my butt off with you guys.