Monday, January 31, 2011

Porcelain Jasper Arrives at Dusk

Few things happen in Tucson on schedule -- or at least as you plan them. This year our ten tons of Porcelain Jasper arrived on time: the Tuesday before the show started. The semi truck that brought the rock was the fourth truck to arrive that day. The parking lot cannot hold more than one semi at a time, and each truck had to wait its turn to pull in and be unloaded. Not only that, the first two semis carried goods for other companies who were nowhere to be found -- so we unloaded them. By the time the truck with the Porcelain arrived, we had already moved over 60 tons of rock. Now it was getting dark.
     In the morning we inspected the rock. The pattern is very good and varied. The size ranges from smaller cabbing rock to large slabbing rock. 

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